1971 Gibson SG Special

A gorgeous Gibson SG Special that was built in 1971 to late 1960s specifications. The SG Special was retired soon after this guitar was built, and this example differs from a ’66-’68 in only minimal ways. The neck is a 3-piece mahogany glue-up, there is a volute and a ‘Made in USA’ stamp on the back of the headstock, and the pearl logo has a slightly more squared-off look.

The guitar is in excellent condition and is completely original. We’ve installed a MojoAxe bridge for improved intonation and performance, and you’ll find the original wound-G bridge in the pocket of the original case. The neck angle is perfect, the original frets show very little wear, the electronics are untouched and work properly, and there’s not much playwear to speak of. We’ve set the guitar up with 10-46 strings and playability is excellent.

The neck carve is quite lovely, despite a narrow width at the nut. This era of Gibson SG featured a deep round neck carve and a healthy circumference at the nut, so the hand is better filled than it is with shallow carved/wider nut neck. The nut is 1-9/16” across, and neck depth at the 1st fret is .896”, or about what you’d expect for a late 50s Les Paul. The neck thickens up significantly as you travel higher up the fretboard, and depth at the 12th fret is a quite-large 1.086”. Interestingly, at about the 4th fret, where the fingerboard width is 1-11/16”, the neck depth is .950”; so, if you hold the neck at the 4th fret, it feels like you’re holding a 1958 Les Paul in the open position. All that is to say, these deep-carve early 1970s necks feel great.

The guitar weighs 7.3lbs, the pickup DC values are both just shy of 8.0k, the pots date 40th week of 1970, and the action has been set at 4-5 64ths. Finish is original throughout, the nut has never been off, the trem works well and doesn’t loosen from use, and there are no cracks or repairs. Nice guitar.

With original hardshell case