About this 1972 Fender Precision Bass

With its factory black finish, chunky and full-feeling neck carve, low weight, and a fresh refret and set-up by our shop, this 1972 Fender Precision Bass checks all of our boxes. It’s a great sounding P-Bass with an amazing feel, and the playability is as good as it can get.

The neck has a big, round carve, with a nut width of 1-5/8” and a first fret depth of .915”. The new frets wire is .100” by .047”, which feels just right on a bass. Original tuners, original finish throughout, original pickup, bridge, and control knobs. The pickguard on this 1972 Fender Precision is newer, as are the pots, capacitor, and jack. The bass weighs in at 8.4 lbs. Neck and pickup both date to 1972.

With original hardshell case with replaced handle.

1972 Fender Precision Bass electric bass guitar

About Folkway Music

Folkway Music is a different kind of guitar store. Owing largely to the fact that its owner, Mark Stutman, has a relentless obsession for quality in every aspect of the store.  Consequently, Folkway Music is wholeheartedly committed to offering our clients the absolute best. Our instrument quality and genuine care for our customer’s experience are unrivalled.  Have a look at our client testimonials, they say it better than we can, without a doubt!

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A near-mint Fender Coronado II in cherry red is definitely among the coolest CBS-era Fender models out there. This one is crazy-clean, beautifully set up, and sounds remarkably good. It’s a non-trem model, too, so playability is more predictable and intonation is improved over the tremolo-equipped models.

This Coronado II example has a neck that’s dates to March of 1967. We couldn’t easily get pot codes but can confirm that they are original to the guitar, with original solder intact. The neck has a standard B-width of 1-5/8”, and a nicely deep first fret depth of .893”. The neck profile remains fairly consistent up the neck, and the 12th fret thickness measures .914”. The single-coil pickups are strong, with a clean and slightly fat response. DC values are 9.2k and 10.0K. The guitar weighs just over 6lbs.

Set-up in shop, this guitar plays beautifully with original frets that show light playwear.

With original case.

1967 Fender Coronado II vintage electric guitar

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