1964 Burns Shortscale Jazz Guitar

$2395 CAD ($1987.85 USD)
The Burns Short Scale Jazz Guitar is a London-made solidbody model that is an infrequent migrant to this side of the Atlantic. A simpler version of the Split Sound Jazz Guitar, the Shortscale shares the same basic design, but has 2 pickups and a much simpler control layout. It was only offered between 1962 and 1964 and isn’t a model we’d expect to find again all too soon. Unfortunate, as it’s really a quite wonderful guitar and features a trem system that might just be as good as they get.

Sunburst-finished sycamore body with bolt-on maple neck and rosewood fingerboard, two modern replacement Tri-Sonic pickups, short 23.5” scale, low/fast neck carve with 1-11/16” nutwidth. Excellent fretwork and setup. The volume and tone controls have been intentionally reversed to allow better access to the volume. The floating trem unit features individual string intonation control, excellent tuning stability, and a watery smooth feel. It’s brilliantly designed.

The original case has seen better days but is included with the guitar.