1920s Weissenborn Style 2

$1999 CAD ($1639.18 USD)
Hermann Weissenborn was a German-American instrument builder who is widely credited as the father of the hollow-neck Hawaiian guitar. He was active in Hawaiian instrument building from about WWI until his death in 1937, and although he is most famous for his Hawaiian guitars, he built a wide variety of stringed instruments.

Currently on offer here is a collection of Weissenborn ukuleles dating, most likely, from the early to mid 1920s. Weissenborn ukuleles are quite rare, and it’s quite the treat to have one of each model in the shop at the same time. Presented here are Styles 1, 2, and 3. These were priced at $10, $15, and $30, respectively, in the mid 1920s. These instruments are offered individually, or as a group.

The mid-grade option, Weissenborn’s Style 2 featured a mildly figured Koa body and neck with rope binding along the top and in the rosette. This model would have originally had an ivoroid rosette, but this part has been lost sometime over the last 100 years! Patent tuning machines, inlaid fingerboard markings at frets 5 and 7, medium sheen finish. In excellent condition, crack free, and well set up.

With original case