1969 Fender Pro Reverb

$2495 CAD ($1996 USD)
An early Silverface Fender Pro Reverb with earlier AA165 schematic and transformers that all date to 1968. The amp is in incredible condition and original but for basic servicing. Utah speakers dated 5th week of 1969, chassis serial number was stamped at the end of 1968.

The Pro Reverb offered 40 watts through its 6L6 power tubes, and delivered lots of volume, clean headroom, and bass power through a pair of 12” speakers. This amp was assembled with Utahs, which sound incredible. The model offers something of a middle-ground between the ever-popular Deluxe Reverb and the Iconic Twin Reverb and is a great size for maintaining your tone in larger-room volumes.

With original footswitch and vinyl cover.