1997 Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis

A hot-rodded Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis model, this guitar features a pair of Gibson ’57 Classic humbuckers for more of an ES-175D vibe. The model was built as a single-humbucker guitar, and this instrument’s bridge pickup is an after-market addition, including 4-knob wiring. The pickguard is a replacement (there are extra screw holes on the guitar’s side), and the tailpiece has been changed out for a nickel version. The gold plating has been removed from most of the bridge and the front-facing surfaces of the tuning machines. The guitar is otherwise original and in relatively great shape. It’s been carefully set-up here, complete with bridge fitting and a new bone nut, and it plays perfectly with 11-49 strings. There is very little playwear to the frets or finish.

A bargain-priced jazz-box, this guitar offers a whole lot of Gibson tone and feel for the dollar.

With original hardshell case.