1956 Fender Stratocaster

$22500 CAD ($17550 USD)
With a heavenly neck carve, amazing looks, and killer-sounding Ron Ellis pickups, this 1956 Strat is a player’s dream. The neck has that amazing boat-hull V carve we think of as a ’57 thing and has been refretted with large 6105 wire, making it even more fun to play. The body is dated 1956, the neck is dated 11-56. The neck finish is original, as are the tuners and string tree. There’s a repair to a tiny crack at the D string post hole, and if the decal is a replacement it’s a darn good one. It looks right but is maybe in better condition than we’d expect.

The guitar’s body appears to have been painted red at one time and has since either been refinished in a two-tone period sunburst, or the original finish was uncovered and oversprayed with clear. It looks great, and the lacquer is very thin and nicely sunken into the wood’s pores . The body is ash, and all the contours still look right. The pickguard, bridge, saddles, jack cup, knobs and likely the pickup covers are all original as well.

This 1956 Strat weighs in at 7lbs 5oz. Setup in-shop. Excellent playability with full height frets that show not much wear. It’s a lot of guitar for the money, especially considering how highly prized Ron Ellis’ 50/60 Strat pickups are.

The neck measures .923” at the 1st fret and .981” at the 12th fret.

With original but rough tweed hardshell case