1966 Fender Jazzmaster

$10495 USD ($14588.05 CAD)
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A beautiful and completely original transitional Fender Jazzmaster that dates to the first months of 1966. The guitar’s neck is dated February of 1966, the pots are dated 45th week of 1965 and 8th week of 1966. It’s an F-plate model that’s built with a bound Indian rosewood fretboard with pearl dot inlays and sports Kluson double-line tuners. The body and neck are lacquer-finished.

Classic clean and dynamic Jazzmaster character with incredible middle-switch-position tone. The pickups both measure 6.7k, and the guitar weighs in at 7.7 lbs. The neck has a fat and round carve in the first few frets that makes root position chording feel amazing. The neck depth is quite consistent in thickness into the higher register, which gives lead playing a fast feel. 1st fret depth measures .894”, and thickens only slightly to .902” at the 12th fret. 25.5” scale.

With original solder throughout, no changed parts, largely unworn original frets, and a lightly worn original finish, this is a remarkable guitar. Playability is excellent, with a fresh set-up by our shop.

With original hardshell case