1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior

A crazy-clean vintage Gibson, this double-cut Les Paul Jr looks to have spent most of its life in its case. Its finish is a beautifully unfaded cherry red that remains amazingly light on playwear, and the original frets show only light grooving. There are very few chips or dents in the headstock, the original tuners aren’t bent and the buttons are original, and the wiring and pickup have never been touched. The only changed part is the nut, which appears to be from the later 1960s. When they are this clean, there are very few flaws to wax poetic about!

Playability is excellent and the P-90 is hot, touch-sensitive and dynamic, with a DC resistance of 8.3k. The neck plays fast, with a lowish rounded carve and 1st fret depth of .803”. 1-11/16” nutwidth, 24.75” scale. The guitar weighs in at 7.6 lbs.

This is surely among the cleanest double-cut Les Paul Juniors available anywhere.

With 1970s hardshell case.