Folkway's Famous Picks

We’re pleased to announce that we finally have stock in the *ORIGINAL* version of our famous XXH Ivoroid picks! Same thickness (1.4mm) and bevel, same shape, and the very same material. We’ve been hunting these down since running out of them about 5 years back. As compared to our version 2.0 ivoroid picks (that we also still stock), the originals are slightly darker and more expressive. The tip is rounder as well, which adds more warmth.

Folkway 2.0 ivoroid picks are available in XXH in a number of shapes. We also stock Thin to X-Heavy in our standard celluloid. All designed to our specific specs and quality.

Our leather pick pouches, made by Levy's, have the Folkway Music brand tooled into the top. The perfect way to carry around quality picks!

We also carry Pro Plec, Blue Chip, Goldengate, Dunlop, Pearse, and more!