Late 1950s Kay K-90 Resonator

$1395 CAD ($1032.3 USD)
A cool Kay-built resonator from the late 1950's. The K-90 features a larger 15.5” body, a long 26” scale, and a smaller 8.5” resonator. It's a lo-fi resonator with surprising volume and depth, and it's a lot of fun to play.

This one has been brought back up to working snuff with a reset neck, new tuners and nut, and some intonation correction on the bridge. Playability is very good, and the set-up is comfortable for fingerstyle or hybrid slide styles. There's been some finish repair to the neck and headstock, the tuners changed, and a strap-button is doing double-duty as a neck bolt on the neck heel. The repairs weren't done by us, but we give credit to the repair person who made this very cool guitar usable once more.

An affordable and quite unique vintage resonator.

With hardshell case