1930s Le Domino Partsophonic

$1795 CAD ($1418.05 USD)
Here's a tremendously cool vintage resonator that at first glance looks like a Regal Le Domino model but is actually an assemblage of a Kay body and a Le Domino neck. With a full size National Resophonic cone, largish wooden body and 12 fret neck, this resonator sounds really good, easily at least on par with any 30's National Trojan we've ever played. We've set it up here at Folkway with a new biscuit bridge and very comfortable fingerstyle action.

The neck has a round carve that's large but not huge, 1-13/16” width at the nut, and a flat fingerboard with a scale length of 24-3/4”. The body's back and sides have a sunburst finish with aged white bindings, and the top has been lacquered in black which gives the checkerboard inlaid ring around the coverplate a serious pop. The coverplate is chrome-plated and has a classic National look. Open geared tuners on the headstock, original bone nut and frets, original Le Domino decals on the fingerboard.

With hardshell case