1954 Gibson LG-2 ¾

$3195 CAD ($2556 USD)
The Gibson LG-2 ¾ was introduced in the late 1940s as Gibson’s only acoustic model that was designed specifically for children or players with small hands. With a body that was quite similar to the company’s 1920s tenor guitar and 1930s Kalamazoo Sport in dimensions, the LG-2 ¾ measured a scant 12-3/4” across, and featured a short 22-3/4” scale, a compact neck with a 1.5” wide nut, and scaled-down features. The guitar’s smaller soundhole, smaller bridge, and smaller pickguard help it preserve its ‘mini J-200’ proportions and good looks. And dressed up with the LG-2’s trimmings, the guitar looked great next to Dad’s J-45 on Christmas morning.

This example is in much better condition than most. It’s nearly completely original and largely crack-free (there’s a repaired pickguard crack). Its neck has been cleanly reset, and playability is excellent thanks to a recent fret-dress and set-up by our shop. We’ve replaced the tuner buttons on the original Klusons, and have replaced the nut and saddle. The action is easy and low, and the guitar plays very well.

It has a sweet tone, rounded and warm with small guitar string balance that favours the mids and upper-mids. Played intentionally it sounds really quite lovely, but it’s not a great choice for big strumming. Hopefully that’s kind of obvious though!

Solid spruce top with ladder-bracing, mahogany back and sides, sunburst top, and rosewood board and bridge.

With original chipboard case.