2000 Gibson Custom Shop '59 ES-335TD Lefty 

$4999 CAD ($4149.17 USD)
A remarkably exciting guitar for us southpaws, this Gibson ’59 ES-335TD lefty is about as close as any of us are going to get to playing or owning an original long-guard Dot Neck 335. Built by Gibson’s Custom Shop in 2000, this 335 was a custom order that originally sold through Umanov’s in NYC and has the headstock decal to prove it. It’s a cool artefact (now that Umanov has closed shop) so we left it in place.

The guitar is just incredible. The fat and round ’59 neck carve is heavenly, the weight and balance are in the pocket, and the PAF humbuckers are breathy, dynamic, touch-sensitive and alive. It’s a wonderful guitar with a noticeable acoustic life and lots of resonance unamplified.

1959 features and trim, no modifications, well below average playwear, and original hangtags make this one hard to pass up. It’s been set up in our shop, and plays perfectly.

With original hardshell case