1962 Martin 00-21NY

Serial # 187096. Essentially brand-new; with hangtags, original strings, and original hardshell case. No cracks, and no wear of any kind, this New Yorker was put away and forgotten about nearly fifty years ago by a music store owner in Chicago. The guitar was never sold. Lacquer craze-lines on the guitar's top are the only telltale sign of its age. A remarkable specimen, and certainly the best preserved 00-21NY on earth. Exquisite rosewood back and sides, Sitka spruce top, rosewood fingerboard and bridge. Completely original, but for a professional neck reset which allows the guitar to play with fingersytle action and its original unmodified saddle. Unworn bridgepins, original nut, and zero wear to the tuning machine gears. Original frets are somewhat buzzy, but we opted to leave them alone, given the instrument's originality. If the buyer would like the frets dressed or a new saddle cut for taller action, we will do so at no additional cost. The New Yorker models built in the early 1960's were the most lightly constructed guitars Martin built since the mid 1940's, and offer some of the best tone of any of the company's post-war instruments. This hide-glued 00-21 is no exception, and has a robust and full voice. Basses are present and expressive, and the guitar is remarkably responsive, open, and big. The trebles are meaty yet the guitar plays with a pianoesque clarity. Set-up in shop and strung with standard light gauge strings, the guitar plays effortlessly. The action measures 4 to 6 64ths at the 12th fret with perfect relief in the neck. Soft-V carve, 1-7/8" nutwidth, 24.9" scale. With original hardshell case.