c. 1900 Brownson as-is

Well here's one for the history books, folks. There aren't too many North American guitars that stump us, but we've managed to find one in this large-bodied turn of the century flat-top.

Labeled "The Brownson, Guitars, Mandolins, and Harp Guitars, Manufactured by Brownson & Beals, Toledo, Ohio" the guitar features a 15-3/4" wide body with a depth tapering from 4-3/4" at the tail to just under 4" at the neck heel. The top is ladder-braced, and the guitar features a unique bridge with integrated saddle, strongly V shaped neck with large heel and similarly large volute, slotted headstock, and violin-style top purflings.

Double-ring rosette, unbound back, colored half-herringbone back strip and matching end-graft. The back and sides appear to be of mahogany, the top is spruce. The neck has a 24-1/4" scale, 1-3/4" nut, and radiussed fingerboard. String spacing at the bridge is 2-5/16".

The guitar has seen many repairs through the years. There are repaired cracks on the top back and sides, and there are unresolved issues that render this one an 'AS-IS' sale. The bridge is cracked through the pin-holes, and there is an unrepaired crack through the heel of the neck. The action is high (3/16" at the 12th fret), and the guitar is not really playable past the 5th fret unless by slide. That said, it's a wonderful sounding thing, with a deep and dark warmth, lots of resonance and overtone, and all kinds of character. Slide players will love it. Heck, anyone would love it, but between the massive V neck and high action it's something of a bear to play.

An interesting guitar, and one that's equally lovely to listen to as it is to admire.

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