c.1935 Kalamazoo KG-21 Archtop

FON # 5453. A Gibson built small sized Jazz-box from the mid-30's. The KG-21 is an L-00 shaped archtop with a deep body with a Red Spruce top and mahogany back and sides. Like most Kalamazoo branded guitars, the appointments were simple to keep the price down; single white bindings, basic tailpiece and pickguard (unattached but in the case), unbound Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, silk-screened logo, and a two-color sunburst top finish with a dark-stained back. The guitar's neck is carved into a pronounced V- profile and has a chunky feel.

The instrument is completely original, save for a set of correct vintage style tuners, and has the wear on the neck and the nicks and dings you would expect to see on an instrument of this age. There is a crack that extends for a few inches on either side of the end-pin that appears quite old and very stable, and at some point a small hole was drilled through the headstock above the logo.

Because of its deep body, this guitar has a rich and warm voice, with trebles that are big and round, mids that punch and a balanced bass response that sounds larger than the guitar's 14-3/4" wide body should allow for. It's a guitar with a lot of character, and roots guitarists, songwriters, and alt-country folks will love it. 1-3/4" nut and 24.75" scale.

With gig bag