1957 Fender Champ Amp and Steel Set

Found locally, this Fender Champ steel and amplifier set is 100% original, complete, and in perfect working order. The amp sounds incredible, with lots of life in the tubes, creamy compression, and plenty of volume. The steel is a perfect match, with a strong pickup, and good looks.

Amp: Serial # C-05705, Tube chart dated November 1957, all part codes date 1957. Never serviced, completely factory stock. Light scuffing on the tweed covering, no tears in the grille cloth, handle is perfect. Original 1957 RCA 6V6 and 5Y3.

Steel: Serial # -04930. Completely original and unmodified, pots dated 1957, tuners work well, pickup measures 6.0 kOhms. Clean finish with minor scuffing on the corners, clean decal, shiny metal parts. Original hardshell case, with original fender-branded polishing cloth, patch cord, slide and picks.