Souldier Straps

Souldier Straps are Handmade in Chicago in the style of the woven straps popular in the 60's and 70's. They feature authentic vintage and new fabrics as well as recycled seatbelt material. Both the straps and the hand cut leather ends carry a lifetime warranty.

Souldier straps for Mandolin are of the same high quality as their guitar counterparts but are suited for either looping one end through the scroll of a F-Style mandolin or around the headstock of an A-style mandolin. We have also found them just long enough to work on a tenor guitar or small parlour sized guitar.

Widely known as the coolest strap company around, Souldier straps can been seen on some of the best known players around the world.

We always have a wide variety of fabrics and styles in stock. Please call or stop in for pricing and stock details.