Mark Usherovich Tenor Ukulele

World renowned classical guitar builder, Mark Usherovich, is a Russian-Israeli luthier who has come to call Waterloo his home. His instruments are among the best sounding guitars we’ve played, and it’s always a treat when he shows up at the store with a case. He recently arrived here with a pair of cases - small ones - and left us with two tenor ukuleles he constructed over the covid years. They are both exceptional instruments with tone that’s unmatched.

Photographed here is his #1 grade Tenor. The instrument is fabulously lightly constructed and features carbon/spruce laminated lattice bracing, spruce top, koa back and sides, walnut fretboard, and rosewood bridge. It weighs a scant 420 grams (14.75 oz) including tuners and strings!

An incredibly responsive and balanced ukulele with excellent headroom, dynamics, and touch sensitivity.

37mm nutwidth, 430mm scale (that’s a 1-7/16” nut and 17” scale). French polish finish, Gotoh 1:1 tuners.

This instrument is offered as a new ukulele by the builder but does show very slight playwear by the fretboard extension, and a few very minor scratches here and there.

Without case.