2022 Iris DE-11

The Iris DE-11 is a co-creation between luthier Dan Erlewine of StewMac fame and the Iris team. The guitar is based on a 30’s Kalamazoo KG-11 and features Iris’ modernized take on that particular instrument, complete with ladder-braced Adirondack spruce top, small bridge, and firestripe pickguard. Dan’s input was all about the guitar’s neck and, as you’ve likely noticed in these photos, it’s quite uniquely designed.

Dan designed a capo system for his own guitars that involves threaded bushings installed in the fingerboard and a set of custom-fabricated capos that are screwed directly to the neck. The capos are therefor completely out of the way of the player’s left hand, and an additional partial capo can be used to drop into DADGAD tuning if that’s to your liking. It’s all quite slick and fun to use.

Along with the capos, the DE-11 features an elongated headstock that’s designed to offer the player some extra hand-room and comfort in first position before the neck’s transition into the headstock section. Finally, the tuning machines are Rickard rear-mount high-ratio banjo tuners.

The experience of this guitar is entirely unique, and surely will inspire its owner to head in a different musical direction.

The DE-11’s body has a 15” lower bout, with a shortened 17-3/8” length. Red spruce and mahogany, with bound top and unbound back, checkerboard soundhole binding, and sunburst lacquer finish. The neck has a chunky-feeling 30’s Gibson V-carve, 1-3/4” nut and 24.75” scale. String spread at the bridge is 2-3/8”.

Each DE-11 features a signed Dan Erlewine signature label.