Waterloo WL-K

The Waterloo WL-K is an amazingly faithful rendition of Gibson's famous Kel Kroydon KK1, built in the early 1930's. The original Kels were built incredibly lightly, some weighing in at a scant 2.5 lbs. The Collings built Waterloo tips the scales at a feathery 2.75 lbs -- about a half pound lighter than the L-00 inspired WL-14X.

Collings hand-selects their lightest mahogany and spruce for this model, and builds the instrument with extra light bracing, a tiny and thin early 30's sized bridge plate, and lightweight tuners in an effort to keep the guitar as light and responsive as possible. The end result is wonderful -- the WL-K is tremendously open, woody, resonant, clean and transparent. The only thing that it isn't is old. And we imagine that 80 years ago, an original Kel Kroydon would have sounded quite a lot like a Waterloo does today.

With a wonderfully comfortable rounded neck carve, perfectly located frets, compound radius fingerboard and perfect set-up, the Waterloo is completely enjoyable to play, too.

Sunburst-finished spruce top with X bracing and white top binding. Unbound back, super-thin lacquer finish. Ebony bridge with bone cut-though saddle and ebony pins. Rosewood fingerboard, 24-7/8" scale, and 1-3/4" ebony nut.Stewart MacDonald Golden Age vintage style tuners.

With hardshell case

Individual instruments may vary slightly in appearance