Waterloo WL-S

Since receiving our first WL-S some time ago, the model has become a shop favourite. It's unique among the Waterloo models in that it features its own smaller body shape, unique ladder bracing, and cherry back and sides. It's a very lightly built guitar, and offers up some of the best small-body guitar tone we've yet heard in any guitar – new or old, X braced or Ladder-braced.

The guitar's super-light build has a lot to do with the bold, fat, open, and responsive tone of the WL-S. It's remarkably feather-weight, and built with a cherry back, the string energy really energizes every surface of the guitar.

14” wide across the lower bout, and only 3-1/2” deep, the WL-S is noticeably small. The guitar's 12 fret neck has a scale of 24.75”, and the player's hand is never extended too far, which adds to the small feel of the guitar. Softened V neck with contemporary size and a 1-3/4” nut make for a very easy and light playing experience, and the 2-3/8” string spread at the bridge offer great right hand room to move.

Slotted headstock, bone nut and through-style saddle, ebony pyramid bridge, rosewood fingerboard. Stewmac Golden Age vintage style tuners on a slotted headstock, semigloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish throughout.

With Waterloo hardshell case.

Our current in stock model has a darker sunburst than shown here. More photos to come!