Ear Trumpet Labs Louise

$950 CAD
For more details contact us at info@folkwaymusic.com or 855-772-0424.
The Ear Trumpet Louise is a handmade, hand-wired, large-diaphragm condenser microphone, spring-suspended in a pivoting slim stainless steel ring. Touted as the new classic bluegrass mic, the Louise is tuned for live performance use, ideal for miking small acoustic ensembles, but she can also bring that winning sound into the studio, capturing vocals and acoustic instruments with straightforward clarity.

Louise has the clarity, gain, feedback resistance, and full, natural frequency response to change the game when it comes to live single-mic situations. She has a pleasing high end with no harshness, and a sound that performers, audiences, and engineers all describe as astonishingly natural.

With such great looks and top-tier performance, the Ear Trumpet Louise is a hard mic to beat for any demanding acoustic amplification situation.