Audio Sprockets ToneDexter

We’re really excited to have Audio Sprockets’ much-talked-about ToneDexter preamp here at the store. Using their digital signal processing technology, WaveMaps, the ToneDexter allows you to optimize your acoustic tone in a live setting, giving you a much more natural, studio-mic’d sound through just your pickup.

We must say, it does a great job of restoring the multi-dimensional acoustic character of a studio microphone, and rounding out the flatness typical of an under saddle pickup.

With the option of storing and recalling up to 22 WaveMaps for different microphones, mic positions, and instruments, the ToneDexter is a must have for the refined acoustic performing musician.

Additional features include, mute, tune, boost and bypass modes, effects loop, notch filter, bass & treble EQ. Works with most acoustic stringed instruments.