Early 1960s Silvertone/Danelectro U-1

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Built by Danelectro and branded Silvertone, the model U1 was among the most affordable ways a kid could get into rock and roll in the late 50s and early 60s. They weren’t built all too well, but they sure looked cool, and were the right thing at the right time. Pretty much every famous guitar player through the 1960s and ’70s made use of a Danelectro or Slivertone U at some point.

This example is in good playable shape, relative to most Danelectro-built electrics, and it has been set-up as best as the design allows. With no truss-rod, original frets, limited adjustability in the bridge, backwards-turning tuners, and MDF body there’s a fair bit that we can’t make perfect, but that’s typical of every one of these guitars. The pickup is original and sounds great, the electronics show some modifications and work well; the control knobs are not original. The guitar’s original finish shows plenty of wear and mojo, and some sticker-damage.

With hardshell case