Martin D-28

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Martin's redesigned standard D-28 offers players an appealing combination of vintage-inspired and modern features. They've made everything about the venerable D-28 more exciting. Taking a page from the recent OM-28, D-18, and 000-18 playbook, the new D-28 sports vintage style headstock logo, open geared tuners, bevelled edge faux-tortoise pickguard, and a toned lacquer finish. The top's bracing is forward shifted but left unscalloped, which is a departure for Martin. Instead, the lower X arms and tone bars are tapered much like the braces on a mid 1940's D-28, which results in a louder guitar that retains balance across the strings.

The guitar's neck is carved into Martin's popular modified low oval, with a high performance fingerboard taper that allows a wider 1-3/4” nut with a flat-pick friendly 2-5/32 string spread at the bridge. Bone nut and saddle are standard, and the bridge is an attractive modern belly with angled pins.

Kind of like a vintage recreation of a model that never was, the new D-28 collects features from pre-war, wartime, and postwar versions of its own history. It's a great sounding guitar, and offers a marked improvement in tone from its predecessor (if you want to know the truth).

With hardshell case

Click HERE for our hi-def video comparison of this D-28 2017 vs a Martin D-35.