1919 Martin Style 2K

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The first six Koa ukuleles Martin ever produced were built for the Southern California Music Company in October of 1917. No others were built that year or in 1918, and regular production of Martin-branded Styles 1K, 2K, and 3K began in 1919. While it’s impossible to accurately date Martin ukuleles, we are fairly certain that this example was either among the very first 50 Style 2K ukuleles made in 1919, or was finished early in 1920, prior to the change in fretboard dot locations (from a dot at the 9th fret, to one at the 10th). However you slice it, this is a very early Martin Style 2K, and among the earliest Koa ukuleles to ship out of Nazareth after WWI.

A wonderful instrument that has survived in remarkably good condition, this Style 2K is completely original and perfectly playable. We have invisibly repaired a few minor hairline cracks in the body which we now have difficulty finding (seriously) and have made sure the set-up is spot-on with friction pegs working properly.

The instrument’s tone is lively and bright, with excellent fundamental presence and plenty of volume. It’s a very special ukulele.

With original rear-opening case.