National El Trovador

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Working closely with National endorsee (and all-around amazing guitarist) Mike Dowling, the El Trovador was designed as an updated version of the amazingly rare original El Trovador model that was built in 1933. The guitar has been a shop favourite since its introduction a number of years back.

Today's El Trovador It is a very faithful copy of the original design, but features improvements such as a truss-rodded neck, ebony fingerboard, removable palm rest; and - of course - the attention to detail that National is famous for. Like the original Kay-built instruments, the new El Trovador has significantly deeper and curvier dimensions than other National models (4" deep compared to an M2's 3-3/16"), and has a long 25.6" scale length, 1-3/4" nut, and slotted headstock. It sounds very different than any other National; the extra body depth imparts a bass response and warmth that you don't hear in the El Trovador's closest kin, the M2. It's somehow more vintage sounding as a result, and quite beguiling to play.

Its mahogany body is purfled on all sides and bordered by ivoroid binding, and the resonator coverplate is surrounded by a four-layer ring of purflings. A very classy touch, and a nice way to offset the slightly aged nickel coverplate.

With hard shell case.

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