1982 Sergei de Jonge Steel String

Sergei de Jonge is one of the fathers of modern luthiery here in Canada and has singlehandedly done more to shape the landscape of guitar building in this country than almost anyone else, thanks to the last 25 or so years of luthier instruction he’s provided through his shop. He himself trained with Jean Larrivée in the late 1960s before opening his own shop soon thereafter.

This 1982 rosewood and spruce Grand Concert sized guitar features a herringbone rosette, multi-layered purflings, wooden bindings and purflings, unadorned headstock and fingerboard, and clear pickguard - all inspired by his rearing by a builder of classical guitars. The neck has a rounded D carve with a nut that measures just shy of 1-3/4”, a thickness of .825” at the first fret, and a 25.4” scale. Ebony fingerboard and bridge, Schaller tuners, lacquer finish.

The guitar has weathered the years very well and has survived without any cracks or damage. The finish is crazed throughout, but playwear is fairly minimal. The neck angle is excellent, and the guitar is set up with an action of 4-7 64ths with plenty of saddle adjustment available.

A unique and lovely sounding guitar, this de Jonge has an expressive bottom end, supportive mid range, excellent balance, and warm treble response. It’s more a fingerstyle instrument than a strummer, but is well suited to melodic picking as well.

We don’t encounter all too many 40 year old de Jonge steel string guitars, and we’re quite pleased to be able to offer this one here.

With hardshell case