1936 Gibson L-00

A knock-out export L-00 that came to Canada some 80 years ago and has never developed a crack or a loose brace. It’s never had a neck reset, either. Incredible, really. We found this guitar in Saskatchewan, on our cross-Canada road trip at the end of March. It’s never been humidified, and is none the worse for wear. The winter of 1935/6 was clearly a really cold one in Michigan.

The guitar is in incredible condition and shows very little wear. The bridge appears to have been reglued, and the bridge plate is a larger rosewood replacement that we opted to leave in place as the guitar sounds great. The top measures thinner than normal mid 1930’s spec; and, at about .100”, is more like a pre-1933 Gibson. That larger plate was likely installed to help stiffen up a loose and unstable top. There is a little bit of finish wear along the treble edge of the neck, minor scratches at the lower bass side of the top, and a small assortment of very minor dings and scratches. Pickwear is minimal, belt-wear is non-existent.

We’ve replaced the frets and the saddle, the balance of the guitar is factory original. The old rope strap is a nice extra.

Set up with an action a bit lower than 5-7 64ths with 12-54 strings. Playability is excellent, the neck angle is near perfect.

The guitar is warmer and more open than most mid 1930’s L-00s, and has a rich and supportive midrange that’s well matched to the guitar’s nice overtone richness. It has a strong fundamental and excellent bass to treble balance, which makes is quite a versatile L-00. It takes a flatpick as well as bare fingers.

The neck has a V carve and medium depth. The nut measures 1-3/4” across, and the depth at the first fret it measures .936”. 2-3/8” string spread at the bridge, 24.75” scale.

With original non-functional chipboard case.