Tone Traveler by DrHerringbone

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The Tone Traveler has been meticulously engineered to condition the wood of your instrument, simulating the effects that playing and time have on an acoustic instrument. It is designed to add the clarity and focus that hours of time spent playing an instrument can produce. 

Over time, a guitar’s tonewood opens up to the frequencies most often played and ‘learns’ to resonate in tune with them, which in turn causes the frequencies of the instrument to become more focused.  The result is a purer fundamental tone, clearer and more defined overtones, and a livelier feel in your hands.

The Tone Traveler website goes into great detail of the science and technology involved in the device’s design. We encourage you to dig deep there:

The Tone Traveler comes with a devoted tablet which controls the speaker’s output, with well-designed and easy to use software pre-loaded.