1930 National Style 3 Tricone

$7495 USD ($10493 CAD)
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The Style 3 Tricone was National’s second priciest instrument at the time of its introduction in 1928. With its intricate lily of the valley engraved German silver body, engraved pearloid headstock overlay, and ivoroid-bound, pearl-inlaid ebony fretboard, the Style 3 is a lavishly decorated guitar that was right at home amidst the opulence of the late ‘roaring 1920s’.

This example remains in beautiful condition. It plays properly and without cone rattles or other unwanted sympathetic noises. Apart from evidence of other tuning machines that were previously installed, and replaced gasketing under the cones and coverplate, this Tricone is without modification. The back of the headstock is stamped ‘Made in USA,’ indicating that this instrument was sent to Canada from the factory some 94 years ago.

A beguiling Hawaiian guitar, this tricone has a sweet voice with excellent clarity, projection, and balance.

With non-original hardshell case