1952 Gibson J-45

A gorgeous J-45 brought to us by the family of the guitar’s original owner. We’ve just finished this guitar’s requisite repairwork, which included a reset and fret dressing, gluing a number of loose brace sections and brace ends, repairing cracks, and getting it set-up just right. It’s a wonderful guitar, and everything we want a J-45 to be. The tone is rich, dark, and soulful, with a little bit of thump, and a whole lot of sweetness. The neck carve is perfect, with a rounded full carve that is instantly comfortable and easy to play, and of course, the guitar has got classic small-guard J-45 looks that are hard to improve on.

Mahogany and Sitka spruce top, scalloped braces, small maple bridgeplate, rosewood bridge and fretboard. Small tortoise-celluloid pickguard, original Kluson tuners with new buttons, original nut, and frets. New bone saddle, new Antique Acoustic bridge pins.

We repaired a top crack along the treble-side of the fretboard extension and reglued the top’s center-seam. The original frets are largely unworn, the original nut has never been out, and the bridge has never been reglued. There is capo wear on the back of the neck over the first five frets but the guitar is otherwise very clean and with minimal playwear. The rope strap that’s on the guitar has been on it since the 1950s.

The neck measures .92” at the 1st fret and has a full, round carve. 1-11/16” nut, 24.75” scale. Set up with 12s and an action of 5-6 64ths at the 12th fret.

With original chipboard case