2004 Albert and Müller S6 Maple

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German luthiers Franz-Ulrich Albert and Antonius Müller joined forces in 1984 to craft high-level acoustic instruments that sound excellent and are expertly put together. As they were in Germany and never imported to North America in any sizeable number, Albert & Müller guitars have sadly not been experienced by all too many of us around here. It’s a shame, really, as this is a positively incredible guitar.

Old-world craftsmanship, master-grade materials, and true attention to detail went into crafting this piece. It's a very lightly built instrument of highly figured maple and German spruce with a unique mix of X bracing and classical-style fan braces. The instrument is finely purfled with mitred half herringbone strips and is bound in rosewood. Concentric half-herringbone rings form the soundhole rosette, and the fingerboard is decorated with pearl and abalone dot inlays. The pickguard is a recent addition.

The guitar really shines when you start playing it -- it has a tremendous scope and clarity in all registers, great volume, and a wonderful bass response that carries through right up the neck. With a hi-def sonic character, this guitar would really appeal to a fingerstyle player who is looking for a full range tonal experience. It's an extremely well-balanced acoustic with beautiful clarity and volume, life, and an unbelievably open response.

15" wide cut-away body with German spruce top, figured maple back and sides, flush-heel cut away mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, and gold Schaller tuners. Compact feeling round neck carve with 1-11/16" nut and a first fret depth of .802”. 2-5/16" string spacing at the bridge, 25.5 scale.

The guitar remains in good condition and is set-up well. There is a repaired top crack along the treble-edge of the fretboard, but no other repairs. There is a fair amount of play wear on the top in the usual places. The top’s French Polish finish is incredibly thin, measuring a scant .001”. The frets show light wear and play cleanly. We have set the guitar up with D’Addario XS lights and an action of 5-6 64ths.

With hardshell case.