1967 Fender Pro Reverb

The Fender Pro Reverb was introduced in June of 1965, and has the distinction of being the only model of Black-Panel amplifiers that wasn’t offered in the pre-CBS era. You won’t find a ‘Fender Electric Instruments’ Pro Reverb.

This example is incredibly clean and is in perfect condition. It’s just been serviced by Dom Tantalo (Filter, bias, and cathode bypass caps replaced, a few non-orginal tubes replaced with NOS versions, clean, test, etc), and it received his high praises. Tube chart date of April 1967; transformers all date mid 1966 to the first week of ’67. Both 12” speakers are original but their date codes are obscured by stickers.

About 35 watts, 6L6 power section; incredible clean headroom with a little bit of sizzle when you get past about 4 on the volume knob. One of Fender’s best sounding models, and an incredibly versatile amp.

With original cover and foot switch.

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