National Triolian Steel Polychrome 12 Fret

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The National Reso-Phonic Triolian Steel is a recreation of the company’s first Polychrome Yellow steel-bodied Triolian model built in the early 1930s. Like those originals, the new Triolian features a Hawaiian sunset theme on the instrument’s back, baked yellow finish, a12 fret body with f-holes, and an Ivoroid-bound fretboard. We’ve ordered ours with a 30’s style National Shield logo, which really completes the vintage-look well.

The classic Blues guitar, National’s Steel 12-fret models are plenty loud, and can be as brash or as pretty as you’d like, depending entirely on the players right hand attack. Set up for hybrid slide/fingerstyle playing this model comes from the factory with slightly higher action at the nut, but can easily be adjusted for standard (no slide) playing.

V-carved neck with 1-3/4” nut width, 25” scale, 2-5/16” string spread at the bridge. The 1st fret neck depth is .943”. With National hardshell case.