1956 Gibson Les Paul Special

$22995 CAD ($17246.25 USD)
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Gibson introduced the Les Paul Special in 1955 as a mid-level offering that was priced in between the Standard and Jr Models. With its limed mahogany TV finish and double P-90s it was well received and was the right guitar at the right time to compete against Fender’s Telecaster. All these years later, it’s still the right guitar at the right time, and remains one of the holy-grails of the vintage guitar world.

This example was built in 1956 and remains wonderfully original and largely unmodified. There were once Schaller tuners on the headstock, but the original Klusons have been rebuttoned and reinstalled, and the screw holes filled and touched-up. We’ve installed an aged reproduction jack plate that we made in shop, but there’s no other fine print with this one. Electronics, frets, hardware, nut, finish – nothing’s been touched. The neck angle is excellent, electronics sound fabulous, and playability is excellent. The neck has a big and chunky feel with a hint of V in the rounded carve and edges that roll in just right. Depth of .925” at the first fret and .975” at the 9th.

The P-90s measure 7.7K (neck) and 7.9 (bridge). The guitar weighs in at 7-3/4 lbs. Frets show a little playwear in the first position, the nut has never been out, and the truss rod works properly. The finish shows light playwear but no abuse. There are a few chips in the finish on the back of the neck and the headstock edges, and the usual assortment of dings. Set up in our shop.

With original 4 latch hardshell case.