1963 Fender Musicmaster

$3995 USD ($5593 CAD)
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In near-mint condition and completely original, this 1963 Fender Musicmaster is something of a time-capsule of the company’s popular student model, which was first offered in 1956. The unique shaded sunburst finish on this example was the standard Musicmaster finish from 1961 until mid-1963, when Fender revamped its ¾-size guitar lineup.

This Musicmaster shows very little playwear of any kind and is beautifully set up. Playability is excellent, with original frets that are only the slightest bit worn in the first position.

The original pickup’s DC reading is 5.4k. The A-width neck has a 1.5” nut, 22.5” scale, and a 1st fret depth of .803”. Twelfth fret depth is .988”. Curved rosewood board with clay dots, bone nut, single-line Kluson tuners with white buttons. Small top-loader bridge with Telecaster-style threaded saddles and original cover, chromed barrel knobs, single-ply white pickguard.

With its short scale, compact neck feel, light weight (5.8 lbs) and clean pickup tone, this Musicmaster is a lot of fun to play. Unplugged, the guitar’s light weight lends to a noticeably strong acoustic resonance, which always lends itself to great plugged in tone.

With original hardshell case