1964 Gibson SG Junior

$5995 USD ($8393 CAD)
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Introduced in 1961, the SG Jr. replaced the Les Paul Jr. in Gibson's lineup. The specs of the SG Jr. were virtually unchanged from the earlier LP Jr, but for the thinner and lighter SG body. The early SG-bodied Juniors are incredible guitars, with their snarly and fat P-90 in the bridge position, complete neck access, simple design, and feathery light weight. This example tips the scales at a scant 5lbs 1oz.

A completely original guitar in incredible condition, this SG Jr. shows very little playwear to the frets and finish, is light on dings and dents, and plays beautifully. A few chipped pickguard corners are the only flaws of note. The neck angle is perfect, pickup and electronics are factory-straight, and the early 60's neck carve is fast and roomy. The nut is a hair under 1-11/16, and the carve is a low C with a 1st fret neck depth of .788”. Other early features include a steeper headstock angle and original single-line Kluson tuners. The P-90 DC reading is 8.0K.

With original brown alligator chipboard case in similarly clean condition.