National Hula Girl Polychrome Triolian

$5195 CAD ($3896.25 USD)
For more details contact us at or 855-772-0424.
A one-off prototype that we’ve just received from National Resophonic, this vintage-style wood-body Polychrome Triolian is dressed up just like one built in 1928! National’s first single-cone guitars were the wood-body Triolians, and among the earliest of them were those that featured screen cover plates, Hula Girl decals, and the uniquely shaded Polychrome finish that’s so beautifully replicated here. We were giddy with excitement when National reached out to us with this guitar and jumped at the opportunity to have it at Folkway. We’re hopeful that this won’t be only one made, but for now that’s exactly what it is!

Plywood 12 fret body with biscuit bridge cone and screen coverplate, custom hula girl waterslide decal on the back, Polychrome finish. Surprisingly comfortable soft-V shaped neck with slotted headstock, bound maple fretboard, and a bone nut. 1-13/16” nut width, 1.060” depth through the 1st fret, 25” scale.

A warm and woody single-cone National with a great neck, excellent ergonomics and light weight, and one-of-a-kind looks.

With National hardshell case