c.1984 Gibson Earl Scruggs Model

$5195 CAD ($3896.25 USD)
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In 1984 Gibson partnered with bluegrass banjo pioneer, Earl Scruggs, to produce a replica of Scruggs’ 1934 RB-Granada. The model was built as faithfully to the original as was feasibly possible back then, and features hearts and flowers inlays, Scruggs tuners, flame maple neck, yellow amber lacquer finish, and details that were painstakingly copied from Earl’s original ’34 RB. Earl personally signed the Mastertone label of all the early instruments, which adds to the allure of this one. This example is in beautiful condition and is set up buttery smooth. The tone is exceptional, with all the volume and projection you’d want but without any harshness. It’s a good one.

The Scruggs model was spec’d with nickel hardware, but this fairly early example has gold hardware throughout, and we can’t speculate why. It’s extra attractive, though, and there’s no obvious sign of any repairs or ill-fitting parts.

In excellent condition throughout and with very little playwear. Set-up in shop, spikes at frets 7 and 9. Adjustable 5th string nut, functioning Keith tuners, original Scruggs model pamphlet and serial numbered warranty card in the case.

U-shaped neck with flat fretboard, 1-1/8” nut, 19/32” bridge with 3/32” action.

With original hardshell case