1983 Gibson Les Paul Custom Silver Streak

Gibson's Les Paul Custom has been the flagship model of the company's solid body lineup since its introduction in 1953, barring a brief period between 1963-1968.

The early 1980s saw Gibson experimenting with a variety of metallic custom colours on their Les Paul models. Silverburst, Candy Apple Red, Pearl White, Pewter, and Silver. These custom color Les Pauls were produced in very limited numbers, making clean examples especially hard to come by… and equally hard to research!

Sporting a very well-preserved ‘Silver Streak’ finish and minimal signs of playwear, this 40+ year-old Les Paul Custom could easily pass as a modern reissue. The guitar's only modification is a set of replacement tuners, but the original (and very cool) Gibson-branded Schaller Crank tuners are included and in the case pocket. This guitar is also outfitted with nickel-plated hardware, which was an option listed in Gibson's catalogue from 1979 to 1985. 

Equipped with a pair of Tim Shaw humbuckers that both read 7.5K, this Les Paul Custom offers rich, open tones that harken back to the PAF humbuckers of Gibson's golden era.

24.75" scale length, 1-11/16" nut width, 0.790" neck depth at the 1st fret and 0.974" at the 12th, 11.0 lbs. Pot codes date to early 1982. Set up in shop with 10s and an action of 4-5 64ths.

The original case was mistakenly swapped out by the store where the guitar was first purchased at, back in 1983. That non-original period-correct case is still with this LP Custom today.