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How to order an instrument from Folkway Music:

Our Canadian customers are now able to order many of our products direct from our website!  (We are working towards having all of our merchandise available in the online store in the future, as well as online shopping for our International customers.)

If you’ve found something that you’d like to buy that isn’t available for purchase online, the first step is to let us know! Please email us at, or call us toll-free at 1-855-772-0424.

Are you wondering why you can’t add certain items to your cart?  We believe that some instruments – particularly vintage and used ones – still require a more personal interaction than online shopping can afford. You should know exactly what the instrument you are interested in is all about… and that involves conversation. We provide hands-on descriptions and demonstrations of our instruments over the phone and, if you find that you’d like to hear an audio sample or see detailed photos over and above what we display on our site, we’ll be happy to make it happen for you. We take care through the entire process to ensure that you will be satisfied when you receive your purchase.

We accept payment by Visa or MasterCard, bank wire transfers, eTransfers, and cash. Payments from overseas customers are only accepted in the form of a bank wire transfer. Please note that we do not accept credit card payments on instruments valued above $5000. 

Non-consigned instruments can be put on hold for up to one month with a 25% non-refundable / non-transferable retainer. We are unable to hold instruments that are being offered on consignment without consent from the consigned instrument’s owner.

If you are paying with a bank wire transfer or email money transfer, we will hold any instrument for a period of one week once a nominal deposit is placed with credit card to allow for the funds to be received or delivered. Instruments will be shipped only once bank hold is released.


Guarantee & satisfaction policy:


All of the instruments we offer for sale have already had any necessary restorations completed and have been set-up and inspected prior to display in our store or on our website, unless otherwise noted. We make every effort to accurately represent the instruments we offer so that our customers have no surprises when your order arrives. As such, we encourage you to call or email us with your questions whenever and as often as you wish – we are committed to offering the best, friendliest, and most knowledgeable service out there.

Our standard approval period for shipped instruments is 48 hours from the time of delivery. If, for whatever reason, the instrument you’ve ordered does not meet your expectations please inform us within this approval period that you intend to return it. Then repackage it exactly as it was sent to you and ship it back, insured, at your expense. We will refund your payment in full, less the shipping costs, when the instrument returns to the store in the same condition that it left. If you originally paid for the instrument with Visa or MasterCard, we are unable to refund the 3% fee that the credit card companies charge us, sorry. Instruments that return to Folkway Music damaged will not qualify for refund.

Please learn about what return shipping and insurance costs prior to placing your order. Our standard guitar box size is 47″ x 20″ x 9″.

Discounted and Special or Custom Ordered items are final sale.

Instruments shipped outside of Canada that are partially constructed of CITES-listed materials such as Brazilian rosewood or ivory are not subject to our 48 hour approval period and are final-sale items. We acquire CITES permits for all cross-border shipments of such instruments, without exception.


Folkway Music warrants all used instruments for a period of thirty days from the time of purchase. This warranty does not cover those instruments that are being sold by us on consignment for a third party, or instruments which are “As-Is” listed. We offer no warranty on used amplifiers. Warranties do not cover damage caused by improper use or storage, such as humidity-related issues.

All new instruments are warranted for a period of 90 days from the time of purchase by Folkway Music, in addition to the Manufacturer’s stated warranty.


Shipping info:

We ship to destinations all over the world with DHL Express or Canada Post. All customs and brokerage fees for instruments are included in our express courier shipping rates to destinations in the USA (not including Canada Post/USPS shipping, or for merchandise other than instruments). However, we cannot be responsible for brokerage fees, import duties, taxes, or other surcharges levied by the Customs agencies of other countries. Nor can we refund those fees should you return the instrument to us. Please learn about what importing costs prior to placing your order. We will not declare an instrument’s value lower than the sale price on any documentation.

As shipping costs are continually changing, please contact us for an accurate shipping rate quote.

Please note: All instruments must ship in a hard, or semi hard case. Insurance regulations set forth by shipping companies and our own store insurance policy require such protection during shipping. If the instrument you are purchasing does not come with a case, we will be happy to furnish one that properly fits the instrument, at your expense.

All amplifier sales are final, and an additional handling fee of $50 to $100 is not included in published prices. We do not ship large amplifiers.

Discounted and Special or Custom Ordered items are final sale.

Instruments shipped outside of Canada that are partially constructed of CITES-listed materials such as rosewood or ivory are subject to CITES, and require proper Export Permits. We acquire CITES Permits for all cross-border shipments of such instruments, without exception. The process is simple and straightforward, and does not require anything of the recipient unless an Import Permit is also required by the destination country. CITES permitting turn-around times are generally between 2 to 6 weeks, although there are no guarantees of wait-time length. We levy a small fee for the permitting process.


Packaging Instructions

Are you planning to ship a guitar or amplifier? We’re happy to share our step-by-step packaging instructions to help minimize your risk of damage. While the risk can never be eliminated entirely, doing all of this should help ensure that even the most careless shipping company employee will have a hard time breaking the instrument! 

Packaging Instructions page or download printable .PDF versions using the links below.

Guitar Packaging Instructions

Amplifier Packaging Instructions


We take special care in packaging your order!