2018 Collings OM2H Traditional

$6495 CAD ($5131.05 USD)
The OM2H Traditional is an incredible sounding OM, certainly ranking among the best modern OMs that we've played. We're big fans of most any Collings OM, but the Traditional OM2H offers players more headroom, bass response, and aged-in tone than the standard model; and throws in a vintage-feeling neck with a 1930's feel and string spread, and gorgeous looks.

This particular OM2HT shows some light playwear but is otherwise in excellent condition.

To make this Traditional sound the way it does Collings used a torrefied Sitka top with a pre-war styled scalloped X brace pattern, animal protein glue, and an extra-thin lacquer finish. The hard sealer coat used on standard model Collings is abandoned in the finish process, which lets the top and back move with less string energy.

Adding to the great looks of this guitar are vintage-style wooden rosette and fine herringbone top trim, through-cut glued in bone saddle, and slightly toned finish.

The Traditional series neck carve feels lovely; it's neither too big or too small, and features a well rounded slightly V'd carve with a nut width of 1-3/4 and a bridge pin spacing of 2-5/16. The scale length measures 25.5”.

The OM2H T is a responsive and dynamic guitar, with wonderfully rounded trebles, supportive and present mid-range, and all the volume and projection we've become familiar with from a Collings OM.

Finally, each OM2H T comes with one of Collings' stunning traditional hardshell cases. Styled after a 1930's hardshell, the Collings case is built to ridiculously exacting specs in-house by Collings. It's a work of art in of itself. Perfectly balanced, lightweight, strong and safe, and precise; not to mention gorgeously designed.