1946 Gibson LG-2

A script-logo Gibson LG-2 with a warm, dark, and intimate voice, an incredible neck carve, and great looks. It’s largely original and in excellent condition, with no top cracks, well dressed original frets, and excellent playability.

Gibson’s Script-logo guitars date from 1946 and the first part of 1947. They are usually without Factory Order Numbers and are, as such, nearly impossible to pinpoint-date. Some of them feature Banner-era features like poplar linings, maple necks, and 1-3/4” nuts; while others, like this one, are built to typical late 1940s specs but with older-style tuning machines and logo. With its bookmatched spruce top and mahogany back and 1-11/16” nylon nut this guitar is likely a late 1946/early 1947 build. It’s lack of top cracks or structural damage suggest that it was built over the winter months.

Sitka top with scalloped bracing and small maple bridge plate. There are a few cleanly reglued brace sections and a small maple helper plate installed on the bridgeplate. Original unmodified bridge with a newer bone saddle installed by our shop. The back has a single 2” long crack near the treble waist and just one cleanly reglued brace end. The sides are crack-free apart from a repaired endblock crack at the endpin. Original neck set, frets, nut, and tuners. The finish is original throughout without any touchups.

This LG-2 has a deep, full and very round neck carve and a 1-11/16” nut. The neck depth at the 1st fret is .935, and measures 1.014” by the 9th fret. It’s a wonderful carve, not unlike those of the late 1950s.

One last thing: take a look at the original screws anchoring the tuners and the truss rod cover. When you’re shopping for a vintage guitar, the screws are telling. The shape and cut of 1940s Philips and slot screws are distinctive and can be a good indicator of a guitar’s originality.

With hardshell case