1965 Gibson ES-355TD-SV

An incredibly rare, factory black ES-355TD-SV from 1965. Factory records indicate that this guitar was shipped in December of 1965 and that it was one of a number of customized ES models that came through production around that time. It features a 1-5/8” nut width, original Stereo Varitone electronics and Patent Number pickups, and new pickguard and nut by our shop. The same shipping records indicate that the guitar was fitted with a Vibrola at the outset. We have no record of when it was converted to a stop-tail but suspect that it was done very early on and at the factory, given how the original Vibrola’s mounting holes were filled and seamlessly touched-up a very long time ago. The current bridge is a lightweight gold-plated Gibson original from the 1960s and the ABR is original.

The guitar is in very good condition and is set up beautifully with original ‘fretless wonder’ frets that remain quite playable. The original pickguard decayed nearly completely and corroded the mounting hardware and the pickup covers in the process, but amazingly the pickup functionality wasn’t compromised and we were able to clean off much of the corrosion. The new pickguard was made to exacting vintage specs, and the remnants of the original are safely housed in a ziplock bag in the case pocket.

The neck measures 1-5/8” at the nut and has a depth of .796” at the 1st fret. 12th fret depth is .953. 24.75” scale. Pickup DC values are 7.7k and 7.8k. 9.3 lbs. Bring your own stereo cord!

With original Gibson period hardshell case