Prewar Gibson Lefty Matched Set

September 23rd, 2021

Left-Handed matched set: 1935 Gibson L-00 guitar and 1935 Gibson F-7 Mandolin

No, it’s not a reversed photo.  It’s a pair of Left-Handed Gibsons that were both built in 1935 and originally sold through Beare & Son in Toronto.

Prewar Gibson lefties are exceptionally rare, as you might imagine.  This is the only lefty F-Style Mandolin we’ve ever seen, and the L-00 is one of two we’ve ever encountered.  To have both in the shop at the same time is epic for us lefties.

These instruments were individually brought to our shop recently for consignment by their local custodians, each of whom are related to the original left-handed owners. They are now both listed for sale on our site.

1935 Lefty Gibson F-7 

1935 Lefty Gibson L-00

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